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Adelaide Cookbook Club

Is your kitchen full of cookbooks and yet you seem to cook from the same one or two?  Well you're not alone! The Adelaide Cookbook Club was established in August 2013 by Tanya Perry and is sister club to Belfast Cookbook Club and here's where all of your cookbooks can live again!

Adelaide Cookbook Club is a fast-growing group of enthusiastic home cooks who love to eat, drink and try out recipes from new and currently-owned cookbooks.

The Club hosts monthly cooking sessions 10 times a year.  Members of the Club take turns to pick a cookbook which is posted on our social media links. Members then nomiate the recipe they'd most like to cook from the selected cookbook and share it on our Facebook page.  The authors of the books are contacted to let them know we are cooking their recipes and many are interested followers.  Once a month the cookbook clubbers come together in a commercial kitchen where they cook up all of the nominated recipes and serve up a feast to taste and discuss. 

Lessons learned from cooking the recipies, thoughts on the food, ingredients, cooking techniques and photography in the cookbooks are also enthusiastically disussed and rated.  Photography by Rob Beckett is posted on our Facebook page every month. 

Adelaide Cookbook Club can also be used as a fantastic team building opportunity for your organisation if you're looking for something new, fun and a bit different!

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